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Your goals, your objectives and management requirements are unique to you and your business. Because we work with a variety of businesses and individuals every day, we can quickly determine your special needs and make recommendations to meet your individual reporting requirements. Our recordkeeping and financial reporting services free you to grow your company and achieve your financial goals by focusing on your core operations.

Accurate and timely financial information is critical for making important decisions that affect the future of your business. We provide all the information you need to successfully manage the business that you’ve work so hard to build. We work with you to build a business relationship based on professional expertise and first-class customer service.

Recordkeeping is typically a time-consuming and often frustrating task – a “necessary evil” that distracts you and your staff from focusing on your products, services and customers. Let us ease the burden of recordkeeping and financial reporting, and deliver to you a level of expertise that few small to mid-sized companies could afford to maintain in-house.

Each month, we prepare a complete set of easy-to-read management reports that provide an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of your company’s financial status, including:

·  Detailed General Ledgers: Armed with accurate general ledger data, we can quickly analyze specific income or expense items in detail and determine if you have a “Hidden Goldmine” or opportunities for profit improvement.

·  Transaction Listing and Vendor Reports: Complete list of all company payments during the month showing you exactly where your money is going, and are indispensible if a vendor has a question regarding a payment. In the event of an audit, all the necessary information needed to substantiate any tax deductions will be at your fingertips.

·  Bank Reconciliation: Cancelled checks, and bank statements can be provided directly to our office, so we can immediately reconcile the account(s) and alert you if any corrections need to be made or any matters require your immediate attention.

·   Monthly Management Reports: We prepare a complete set of management reports for you, including: Balance sheet and Income statements, so you will have an accurate monthly “snapshot” of your company’s well-being.

·   Performance Graphs: Developed from the financial information in your business operating statement, they give a concise visual picture of your business trends. The line graph presents a comparison of sales for the current and previous years. The pie chart shows fiscal year-to-date expenses, and the bar graph presents your total sales, expenses and profit margin for the year in a monthly easy to understand breakdown.

·    Tax Compliance: Regardless of your business structure, we will prepare all of your business tax returns, get them filed on time, and handle any questions or audits.


This is the backbone of Advanced Tax and Business Solution Monthly services. A personal discussion of your financial statements or other business matters is available when you need to discover your “Hidden Goldmine” and is as close as your telephone.

Today, access to the latest technology is an essential requirement for all companies who wish to remain competitive in an evolving business climate. Supported by advanced technology we are continually discovering ways to improve operational efficiencies and enhance client service and satisfaction.

Computer systems are critical to the success of any business. We are a leader in small business software installation and support, saving you time, money and aggravation in setting up appropriate, cost-efficient, and effective business management systems.



Advanced Tax and Business Solutions is a service provider for tax, financial and business services, serving small to medium size entreprenuers and individuals.

Our goal is to provide quality and timely financial reporting, assist in all tax and business compliance issues and provide services that only larger companies typically have access to; leveling the playing filed for the small business community and indivduals.

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